Step by Step Office Web Apps Server

Office Web Apps server is a Microsoft Office product which enables browser based office experience for Exchange, Lync and SharePoint users.

Installation of Office Web Apps Server 2013 is very simple.

For more information about installation follow: Deploy Office Web Apps Server

I hope you have done with the installation part, now we should look at the configuration part which has been described in above link already. Therefore, I am going to highlight those steps which is not described in MS TechNet article.

If you are going to configure single-server Office Web Apps server farm with HTTPS, Certificate configuration might be a challenge. You can follow the same steps for multi-server farm deployment but make sure you will assign the same certificate to all the servers while HLB configuration have additional configuration steps.

I am using internal Active Directory certification authority, you can also generate the certificate request using same process and can get the certificate from your public certification authority.


After installing Office Web Apps Server, Open IIS and go to the Server Certificates.

Click on Create Certificate request.


Fill Information as needed.


Change Bit length vale to 2048 if you want otherwise click on next.


Specify path to save certificate request file.


Request a certificate from you AD Certification Authority.


Click on advanced certificate request.


Click on Submit a certificate request by using a base 64-encoded……..


Copy data from request file and paste it here.


Select Web Server as a certificate template.


Now, download base 64 encoded file and save it.


Now again go to the IIS and click on complete certificate request.


Select saved certificate and give friendly name.


Now, the certificate has been stored.


Now, it is a time to assign the certificate.




Once the certificate has been assigned to the Office Web Apps server. Configure your Office Web Apps Server farm.

Open Powershell and run New-OfficeWebAppsFarm cmdlet with Internal/External url and certificate. Certificate name will be you friendly name which you had specified.


Type “Y” for yes and you are done.


Cross verify your configuration using <url>/hosting/discovery. If you get xml page with configuration, it means you have configured Office Web Apps Server successfully.



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