Deploy DFS for Skype for Business Server 2015 Enterprise Pool – Part II

In Part I of this post, I have covered Namespace creation and shared folder configuration. Part II will cover replication group and folder target configuration.

Now it is time to define replication group. Right click on Replication and select “New Replication Group”.


Use default “Multipurpose replication group” and click on Next.


Define replication group name and description.


Add both the members.


Select default “Full Mesh” topology.


Select default “Replicate continuously using the specified bandwidth” (Full) and click on Next.


Select first server as a primary member.


Click on Add to add folder from primary server.



Click on Edit to define the local path on second server.



Click on Next.


Review settings on click on create.


Now replication group has been created, click on close.


Review replication group membership.


Now move toward final step to add the target folder on second server. Right click on shared folder and click on “Add Folder Target”.


Write shared folder path in “Path to folder target” and click on OK to create shared folder in second server.


Click on yes to create the shared folder on second server.


Define local path on second server and assign the permission.


Click on No as we have already created replication group before this step.


Review folder targets.


Browse your share and use this path for Skype for Business deployment.


I hope you enjoyed J

You can use these steps for Skype for Business share as well as for normal DFS deployment.

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