#Skype4B – Backup Pool Failover and Failback : Part1

Skype for business server 2015 pool failover and failback process is exactly same as Lync server 2013. In my preceding blogpost, I have covered step by step process to configure Backup Pool for S4B Standard Edition server. This post will cover the different cmdlet to verify and explore the central management store information which is very helpful to troubleshoot any problem related to failover/failback process and next part of this post will cover failover and failback steps.

In my setup, I have configured disaster recovery via BacupPool option. Se02.uc.lab is a backup pool for Se01.uc.lab and vice versa.

To verify the configuration you can run: Get-CsPool –Identity <poolfqdn>

Run Get-CsService –CentralManagement to know about the CentralManagement Database. See below CentralManagement is active on first server.

To verify the CentralManagement store replication status, run “Get-CsManagementStoreReplicationStatus –CentralManagementStoreStatus” and to verify the configuration store location run “Get-CsConfigurationStoreLocation”

It will show the same result from all the servers

Administrator who will perform the failover and failback activity should be member of the following group:



To perform the failover and failback activity, I have disabled the NIC on “Se01.uc.lab”.

See the Part II of this article which covers failover and failback steps.

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