#Skype4B – Invoke-CsManagementServerFailover failed

Invoke-CsManagementServerFailover cmdlet is used to execute Central Management Server failover. While running the failover process of central management server, you can perceive the error “Invoke-CsManagementServerFailover failed”.

Reason of this error could be one of the following:

  1. First of all make sure, you have run the “Setup or Remove Skype for Business Server Components after publishing the topology. If you have run this step it will show the status as complete and will not give you the “Run” option.

  1. Check the user membership who is executing the failover process. User should be member of “CsAdministrator” and “RTCUniversalServerAdmins” group.
  2. If you are still facing this error then run Install-CsDatabase –CentralManagementDatabase –Clean –SqlServerFqdn <Sql server fqdn> -SqlInstancename <sql instance name by default “rtc”>

These are very common reasons for this error. Though, there could be any other reasons also for this error. If you find any other solution for this problem, please write your comment and solution in the comment section without any hesitation.


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