#Skype4B : Verify active directory schema version for Lync/SfB

Active Directory is a backbone for Microsoft enterprise applications such as Exchange / Lync. If you are deploying these enterprise applications either in production or test environment, first you have to prepare active directory schema, forest and domain. In this Active Directory preparation process, schema comes first. Once you are done with planning processes and about to start the installation process, you have to begin with schema preparation. Let’s assume you have prepared your active directory schema for SfB installation either in greenfield or brownfield environment.

Now, How will you confirm that your ad has been prepared successfully?

The best way is to go to the schema partition under ADSI edit and look for the upper range value of ms-RTC-SIP-Schemaversion.

If you find the values listed below then you can assure that your schema has been prepared successfully for the respective version of Lync/SfB.

LCS2005 à 1006

OCS2007R1 à 1007

OCS2007R2 à 1008

Lync2010 à 1100

Lync 2013 à 1150

Skype for Business 2015 à 1150

To verify from the adsiedit is a best method, otherwise you can use Lync/SfB management shell to verify the current state of schema version but it is not useful because it just shows SCHEMA_VERSION_STATE_CURRENT


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