#Skype4B : Install cumulative updates on Skype for Business Part III

This is a continuation of my preceding blog post Install cumulative updates on Skype for Business Part II and focus on backend database updates. In part II of this blog series we updated all the Skype for Business servers. Now, In this post will update backend databases and Central Management Store.

First you have to make sure your all the databases are Principal on Primary Server.

When I cross checked my Back End server, I found locslog is not principal on primary server.

Now run Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover –PoolFqdn <FE Pool Fqdn> -NewPrincipal Primary –DatabaseType <Database type>

Note: Database type will be User, Application, Archiving and Monitoring whichever are applicable in your case.

Now check the database again and make sure all the databases are on Primary and Synchronized otherwise troubleshoot.

Run Install-CsDatabase –ConfigurationDatabases –SqlServerFqdn <BE Fqdn> -Verbose

(In my case, BE databases, Archiving and Monitoring are collocated)

Now update the Persistent Chat database if applicable.

Install-CsDatabase –ConfiguartionDatabases –SqlServerFqdn <PChat BE Fqdn> -Verbose

Update all the Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition FE pools/servers, in my case I have 2 SE server and 1 EE FE pool.

Once you are done with all the SfB servers.

Update Central Management Server.

Install-CsDatabase –CentralManagementDatabase –SqlServerFqdn <CMS Fqdn> -SqlInstance <Instance name> -Verbose

Update topology by running Enable-CsTopology

Run Bootstrapper.exe in all the SfB servers.

I hope this document helped you J


4 thoughts on “#Skype4B : Install cumulative updates on Skype for Business Part III

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  2. amansahni86

    Hey Ajay, first of all huge thanks to you for putting it all together.. really really useful.
    Can you please clarify couple of questions?
    When you are doing Backend upgrade, Do you run > Install-CsDatabase –ConfigurationDatabases –SqlServerFqdn -Verbose from front end? and if you do do you stop all services again?

    Second questions, when you are upgrading CMS(SQL Express) do you stop FE services before that and do you reboot server after that?


      1. SipItOrZip

        Some clarofications question:

        1.) From the MSFT website it says to use Install-CsDatabase -Update -ConfiguredDatabases
        Your’s is Install-CsDatabase -ConfiguredDatabases -SqlServerFqdn whats the difference between the two?

        2.) do i need to run Central management store update? (MSFT doesnt include it on their article)

        3.) if there are collocated databases on BE it MSFT adds the -ExcludeCollocatedStore switch, in your case you have collocated DB but you didnt include -ExcludeCollocatedStore switch

        4. If im using a different SQL instance name (not RTC, lets say i use SQLBE as the name of my sql instance) do i need to specify the instance name?


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