#Skype4B: Call via work (Part IV)

This post is the IVth part of the Call via Work series and continuation of part III. In this blogpost, I am going to cover the limitations of Call via Work. However, CvW is a great feature of Skype for Business Server 2015 which can be implemented easily with a limited hardware configuration but it comes with its own limitations.

There are following limitation which comes with CvW:

  • CvW call back number doesn’t work directly. If a user has setup a call forwarding on CvW call back number and someone invites him through that number, in that situation call will fail because the invitation will not reach to the user. To avoid this situation, you should invite the user for meeting by clicking on his name, not by the number.
  • Following things cannot be used by CvW enabled user
    • Team Call
    • Response Group
    • Delegation
  • Following actions can’t be performed by CvW user through SfB:
    • Record a meeting
    • Mute or Unmute the call
    • Hold or Transfer the call
    • Call Parking
  • CvW can’t be used by user to access their PBX voicemail messages.
  • User of CvW can’t perform following things:
    • Add more users to a 2-person call.
    • Can’t escalate voice call to a collaborative meeting which includes other modalities such as video, PowerPoint etc.
  • No support for deskphone pairing or VDI plugin pairing.
  • Enhanced 911 capability and malicious call tracing are not available during Call Via Work calls.
  • If your PBX system does not support REFER with Replaces, the following behavior will happen. While on a Call Via Work call, if the user transfers the ongoing call from the PBX Phone, the call window will not disappear from their Skype for Business window. If the user then closes the call window, the call between the transfer target and the transferee will end.

Courtesry: Microsoft Technet

I hope you enjoyed the entire series of Call via Work. Please write your queries and feedback in the comment section.

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