#skype4b: Skype for Business Licensing User vs Device CAL

Microsoft licensing is not easy and sometimes create lots of confusion. My previous blogpost “Skype for Business Licensing” talks about different types of Skype for Business licenses including server and client. In this blogpost, I am going to cover different type of access patterns.

In most of the companies, you will find three types of users.

Internal: Users who come to office and access services. Help Desk employees are good example of these kind of users.

Remote: Most of the time these types of user access services from outside and use multiple devices. Sales and marketing folks are good example of remote users.

External: Partners, vendors and customers can come in external users group. These types of unauthenticated users use services based on the need. But these users doesn’t belongs to your corporate infrastructure. External users cover different types of users in Skype for Business scenario.

Federated users
Anonymous users
Public IM Connectivity users


Therefore, it is very important to choose between user and device CAL that suits your requirements most. Most of the organization choose User CAL instead of Device CAL.

User CAL: If each user has his/her own device then you must choose User CAL. One user CAL can be used on multiple devices by an unique user.

Device CAL: Device CAL is a good option in those scenarios where multiple users use same device. For example: In BPO/KPO multiple users uses same system in different shifts.

External Connectors: Very few IT professionals know about external connectors. External connector is a very common scenario which applies to windows server services where anonymous people access services from outside. Skype for Business cover this EC under Skype for Business server license.

I hope this blogpost helped you 🙂


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