#Skype4b: Skype for business new client features

Microsoft unveiled many new features in Skype for Business at Atlanta Ignite 2016. Lots of new features and enhancement specific to Skype for Business client where main focus area was Mac/iOS client. Below are the list of features which enhanced end user productivity across the multiple mobile platform.

  • New Skype for Business for Mac:
    • Written in Mac programing language, Swift
    • Provides high definition audio and video
    • One click meeting join experience
    • Edge-to-edge video and desktop sharing to make full use of screen


  • Enhancement in Skype for Business for iOS:
    • Using the Apple CallKit framework
    • SfB calls will work just like a cellular call
    • Accept a SfB call via the lock screen
    • SfB call can be put on the hold to receive phone call

These features are going to change the Skype for Business end user experience, it will work just like a phone.


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