#AzureAD : Company branding

Microsoft Azure Active Directory provides sign-in page customization for organization specific branding. Every organization wants to have their unique brand page so that the user can have a same look and feel of their organization through the sign-in page appearance at the time of accessing cloud applications/services.

Let me show you, how does it look like before any customization.

To look at it, access your portal through either Azure portal https://portal.azure.com/<yourdomainname> or AAD portal https://aad.portal.azure.com/<yourdomainname>

For customization, go to the Azure AD portal https://aad.portal.azure.com and login.

Go to the Azure Active Directory.

Now, go to the Company branding.

In the company branding page, select configure.

Fill the needed information.

Now, upload the background image that will appear in your sign-in page and upload the logo of your organization as well. You can also fill the rest of the details based on your need such as sign-in page text.

In, advanced settings define the background color for your sign-in page using RGB hex code format. This background color will be used, when background image couldn’t be uploaded. Configure rest of the information based on your need and finally save the configuration.

Now, go to your sign-in page and enjoy new look and feel.

To show this demo, I have used a basic image and configuration but in your environment, you can really get an amazing look by configuring the company branding.


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