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#AzureAD : B2C

Azure Active Directory B2C is a new way of providing access to the business applications using web & Mobile apps to your business consumers. It provides flexibility to the business to have all types of consumers. Users to the business applications can be divide in three types.

  • Local Accounts (username & password, email account & password)
  • Enterprise Accounts (leverage enterprise accounts by using open standard protocols such as Open ID or SAML)
  • Social Accounts (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google etc.)

Let’s see how to create a B2C tenant and link this tenant with your Azure subscription.

Login to the Azure Portal (https://portal.azure.com) and search for “Azure Active Directory B2C”

Click on “Create”.

Select “Create a new Azure AD B2C Tenant”.

Fill the required details such as organization name, Initial domain name and select the country or region.

Once created, click on “here” to manage the new B2C directory.

You can see the notification to link your B2C tenant with Azure subscription.

To link B2C tenant with your Azure subscription. Select Azure subscription directory from the top right panel.

Now, again search for “Azure Active Directory B2C”.

Click on “Create”.

This time select “Link an existing Azure AD B2C Tenant to my Azure subscription”.

Select the existing Azure AD B2C tenant, select the Azure subscription and finally select the resource group, and then click on create.

Once done, you can open the Azure AD B2C settings.

Now, you can observe that hidden option have ben enabled.

If you would like to add social accounts, go to the “Identity providers” and click on “+ Add”.

Now, give the name of your choice and select the identity provider.

In the next step, you have to provide “Client Id” and “Client Secret”. For example, if you want to add Facebook then first Add the new App. For more information click here.