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#AzureAD : Cloud App Discovery

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Cloud App Discovery enables discovery of the cloud application that are being used by the organization. It helps administrators to perform an app discovery and unveils the uses of SaaS applications, access patterns, volume of data, count, web requests and user details etc. Earlier, it was an agent based discovery and now that has been changed to agent less discovery. To use this service, you need Azure AD Premium P1 license.

To enable Cloud App discovery, login to Azure portal https://portal.azure.com. The user should have global administrator rights.

Click on New and search for Cloud App Discovery.

In Azure AD Cloud App Discovery panel, click on create.

In cloud app discovery panel, select directory and license, and then click on create.

To configure this service, go to Azure AD https://aad.portal.azure.com.

Go to the more services and select “Azure AD Cloud App Discovery”.

Click on settings to configure it.

In settings panel, configure each settings one by one.

First click on User consent option.

Select User Consent based on your organization need.

Configure rest of the user consent settings based on your requirement.

Now configure Data collection settings based on your organization requirements.

Now, configure Store Data settings based on your organization need.

Configure Manage Access settings. Here, you can provide administrative access to cloud app discovery administration.

Finally, configure Notifications settings.

Once you are done with the configuration, you can apply filter to generate reports.

Please let me know if you are facing any issue while configuring Cloud App Discovery. Hope, it worked for you.