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#Skype4B – Deploying Monitoring Reports

Monitoring reports in Lync/Skype for Business Server provide insights to the user activity, user logon details, call diagnostic information and media quality statistics. It uses SQL Server Reporting Services (SRSS) to provide all these information and query the Quality of Experience (QoE) and Call Detail Recording (CDR) databases to fetch the information. You can use web url ” http://serverfqdn:80/ReportServer_ServerNetBIOS ” to access the monitoring reports via web browser. It provides many different format options (such as XML, EXCEL, PDF, CSV, WORD etc.) to save/export the reports based on your requirement.

Prerequisite: You should have Front End Pool deployed with Monitoring Server components.

To deploy monitoring reports, go to the Deployment Wizard and run “Deploy Monitoring Reports”

Select Monitoring database and specify SRSS instance.

Specify the credentials to access the monitoring database, I’m using service account which was used to deploy the sql server.

Specify the user group who need read only access to these reports. You can use RTCUniversalReadOnlyAdmin group to assign the access.

All the reports will be deployed in a sequence and you can see the task status as “Completed”. Click on Finish and now you can use the web url to access the reports.

Note: You have deployed monitoring reports successfully if you are using either standard edition server or Enterprise edition pool with SQL failover cluster. Otherwise you need to run the same process one more time if you are using SQL mirror, follow the same process but make sure when deploying reports on mirror server on that time you have to initiate a failover so that the mirror server can become principal otherwise you will get error.


Lync Server reporting url error

Lync monitoring reports deployment is a key part of the management & administration of Lync server. Sometimes, it is simple to configure and use but some time you can face some problems. You can get this common error “An error occurred during report processing.” While accessing report url.

Sometimes this error can occur because of database stored procedure. If reporting url was working fine earlier you can follow below steps only for LcSCDR & QoEMetrics databases.

  • Open SQL Server studio manager.
  • Go to the LcSCDR / QoEMetrics
  • Go to the Programmability

  • Go to the Stored Procedures under Programmability
  • Select and right click on dbo.RtcGenerateSummaryTables
  • Click on New Stored Procedure

  • You will see the result with return value 0.


Now, another case comes in picture while you are deploying new reporting servers. This issue can be faced in both the cases while monitoring services are deployed on SQL Mirror or SQL Cluster. To resolve this issue, open reporting services url and go the CDRDB & QMSDB under report content and modify the connections string.

  • You can find “data source=(local)\instancename;intial catalog=QoEMetrics
  • Change (local) with real sql server name and apply the changes.

Follow the same steps for LcSCDR also via updating CDRDB and enjoy J