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SQL Server Configuration for Skype for Business Server 2015 with SQL Mirror

SQL Server Configuration is a crucial part of the Skype for Business Server deployment. For SQL Server installation you can follow my preceding post Step by step SQL Server Installation for Skype for Business Server 2015. The below configuration mainly focus on settings which are necessary for mirror configuration.

First of all make sure network discovery, file and printer sharing is turned on.

If you are using default instance name then there is no need to setup the TCP Port. As we generally use named instance and by default SQL Server uses “TCP Dynamic Ports” for named instance. We need to specify static port which will be used by the Skype for Business Server to connect.

Open Sql Server Configuration Manager

Go to the SQL Server Network Configuration

Select “Protocols for ‘Instance Name'”

Go to the TCP/IP properties and click in “IP Addresses” tab

Scroll down and select TCP Port.

Assign “1433” and apply the settings.

Go to the SQL Server Services

Restart the SQL server instance service.


Now, open Windows Firewall and go the Advanced Settings.

Create inbound rules as shown below. 7022

If this server is witness server then create one more rule to open port number 7022 which is necessary for witness configuration.

Enable Inbound Firewall rules which are highlighted below in the screenshot.


Now you are done with the configuration part. I hope it worked for you J