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#AzureAD : Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication mostly refers to two-factor authentication that provides enhanced security to user sign-ins and transactions. There are many solutions available in the market and Azure MFA is one of them. Azure MFA is a cloud access control service offering, and quite simple to use and configure. However, MFA for Office 365 and Azure AD admins available at no extra cost but Azure Multi-Factor authentication full version license can be configured through Azure Active Directory Premium or Enterprise Mobility + Security.

With the third-party partnership offerings, Microsoft makes this service a real multi factor authentication by adding one more layer of authentication mechanism. Therefore, now you can call it three-factor authentication. Third-party MFA partners are:



Azure MFA native verification process can be achieved by three options.

  1. Authentication Phone
  2. Office Phone
  3. Mobile App

Let’s see how to set it up:

Login to the Azure Portal and go to the Azure Active Directory.

Go to the Users and groups, and go to the All users.

Click on Multi-Factor Authentication.

MFA console will open in new tab.

Select a user and click on Enable.

Click on enable multi-factor auth.

Once, updated successfully. Click on Close. Now, MFA has been enabled successfully for the selected user.

Once as an administrator, you have enabled any user for MFA then user has to follow the following steps to complete the process.

Now, user should go to the browser try to login to the Azure services. In my scenario, I am trying to login to the https://myapps.microsoft.com

Once user has entered his/her credential, he/she will be redirected to the new page to setup his/her MFA. Click on set it up now.

Now, user can see; there are three options available for additional security verification.

Option 1: Authentication phone

Option 2 : Office phone

Option 3 : Mobile app

In my scenario, I have selected option 1 with “call me” method. Enter required details and click on Next

Now, user will receive a call for verification.

Once, verification will be completed successfully then user will be redirected to step 3. Read the information and click on Done.

Next time, whenever user will try to login; he/she will receive a phone call for verification.

Hope, this blog post helped you to understand Microsoft Azure MFA. However, you can try different verification methods and post your queries in comment section.