#Skype4b: Skype for Business online Voice enhancements

Microsoft unveiled many enhancements and new feature support for Skype for Business online. With the theme of “Move your communication to Skype for Business Online”, Microsoft came up with new Enterprise voice capabilities in Skype for Business online. The following capabilities will be added as a preview in Skype for Business online.

  • Organizational Auto Attendant
  • Call queues

Both the features will make Skype for Business online as a strong contender against Skype for Business on premises. These features will allow call treatments and call queuing features to queue and routing of inbound calls.

PSTN conferencing has been extending to following countries:

Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Monaco, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Uruguay and Vietnam

However, people can join conferences from 90 countries and 400 cities by using local numbers which belongs to their location. Although, customers can opt for dedicated toll numbers or toll-free numbers in hundreds of cities across the globe via O365 portal.

PSTN calling has been extended to two more countries Spain and France. Therefore now PSTN calling service is generally available in United States, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, France and Spain.

By the end of this year, administrator will be able to setup regional hosted meetings which will reduce the bandwidth challenges and latency, while it will enable high quality media and comply with legal obligations as well because data will reside in the same datacenter.

There is one more cool feature is coming for conferences which will enhance the meeting experience. Dynamic conferencing Id features will be added for all Skype for Business online meetings which will enhance security and smoother transaction between back to back meetings. Therefore now your meeting will not be interrupted if you extend your meeting for any reason.


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